existing businesses

Production capacity of 600 thousand. M2 / year, created on the basis of "Nuclear Technologies Park"

The main activity of LLP «Kazfoam» is the production of physically cross-linked polyethylene foam, as well as its further implementation on the market. Products made by the enterprise, innovation is the market of Kazakhstan.


LLP "MunayGazIzolyatsiya" was created in 2010 on the basis of JSC "Park of Nuclear Technologies"

Production of heat-shrinkable sleeves and butt wrapping tape for external corrosion pipe insulation manufactured by "Termoisol" trademark.

In production we use the new Italian equipment (UNION, Cattori), manufacturing process is automated and computerized.

  • - Heat-shrinkable tape (cuffs) to isolate welded joints of pipelines;
  • - Heat-shrinkable insulation tape for the linear part of the pipeline insulation factory and en-route;
  • - Heat-shrinkable wrapping tape for insulation corrosion-mastic asphalt and asphalt-resinous coatings (single-layer);
  • - Heat-shrinkable repair tape to install patches for the repair of places of damages of factory polyethylene coating pipe
  • - Hot melt tape filler for filling the heat-affected zones of welded joints and defective areas of factory polyethylene coating pipe

Manufacturer of medical disposable linen and clothes LLP «Merusar and K" produces a wide range of sterile and non-sterile kits for medic, including on the basis of viscose and cotton. Currently, the company has developed and successfully mastered the production of a new generation of sets that meet the stringent requirements of modern surgery and not inferior in quality to foreign analogues. This surgical linen has special openings, built-bags, adhesive edges and other innovative features

LLP "Merusar K" works with individual orders to meet the needs of all the departments of medical clinics: surgery, cardiology, traumatology, obstetrics and gynecology, ophthalmology, oral and maxillofacial surgery and others company's. Products have high quality, reliability and reasonable prices. The quality of products is confirmed by certificates of international quality standard ISO 13485.